Flying model airplanes has become one of the most popular hobbies out there. Regardless of the type of RC model airplane you buy, it’s important that you follow some tips. The RC plane you buy is going to be a little expensive. A single crash could cost you hundreds of dollars. Therefore the goal is to fly the plane as smoothly as possible from the very beginning.

Don’t underestimate flight simulators. Some RC planes will come equipped with this, others can be purchased separately. This will give you the opportunity to learn about the flight controls a little bit more before going out there and learning from your mistakes.

You may also want to look into finding an RC airplane club in your area. There are a lot of different levels in these clubs and you may be able to learn a few things from some of the experienced pilots. It may also be a way to check out the latest and greatest technology – including some of the gas powered models that you’ve been eyeing from a distance.

If you buy an RTF or ready to fly plane, it will have most everything done for you. This doesn’t really mean it’s ready to take it out of the box and fly. You must check the weight and balance before you head outside. Otherwise it’s going to be hard to control and that much more likely to crash. Test out the balance by placing your index and middle fingers under the wings at the CG points in your owner’s manual. If the plane is level or nose down, you’re good to go. If the tail is pointed down, you need to work on some repositioning.

A few preflight checks should also be done. This means looking to see if the wing and tail are fastened securely, the radio control transmitter batteries are charged and you’ve done a range check.

The range check is going to ensure you can fly the distance you want. You also need to confirm others aren’t on your frequency. If you fly with others sharing your frequency, you could kill your plane and theirs, too.

Once your plane is ready to go up in the air, do so at flying speed. If you try to launch it too soon, it could stall and come crashing down. Your controls will tell you exactly what to do. Don’t forget to read your instruction manual. Even if you’ve flown model airplanes before, remember that every model is a little different. Check out some of the rc airplane models available here.

When it comes to landing your model airplane, try and do so into the wind. This will help to ease the plane down. Line the plane to where you want it to land and then begin to power down. Remember that you want to land your plane before the battery dies, too, so that you’re in control of where it lands.

It doesn’t matter how expensive your RC plane is, you need to be smart about how you fly it. Simulators and instruction manuals can give you a lot of good details but some things will come from experience. Be smart about where you fly your plane, otherwise you could run into a considerable amount of problems – some which could result in total destruction of your airplane. Don’t move onto any of the aerobatics and fancier techniques until you’re absolutely sure you’re ready.

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