RC models can be complicated. If you don’t want to use an RTF or ready to fly model, then you have no choice but to start assembling them on your own. Depending on your time, your experience and your level of patience, there are various rc plane models that you can choose from. Some will only require basic building while others will require you to assemble every little piece that goes onto the model.

Some tips and tricks come with experience. The set of instructions that come with your model only cover the basics. When you get started with model building, a hobby club can prove to be invaluable. They will share their years of experience with you so that you can avoid some of the simple mistakes they have made.

Consider using balsa wood when you’re building your model. This is a very lightweight wood but it can help in a number of areas. You may want to use it to brace a throttle control rod or to help with the weight and stability of the plane.

The propeller needs to be installed correctly on your plane. This sounds simple enough but this is the area where the most mistakes are made. It needs to be tightened just to the point of cracking the model. This goes for plastic, wooden or metal propellers. If it’s not tightened, there’s a good chance it will fall off mid-flight.

Everything that you use for building your plane needs to be lightweight. Remember that it’s going up in the air once you’re done. If it’s too heavy, your engine isn’t going to lift it. Pay close attention to screws, nuts, bolts and even glue. The lighter they are, the better it will be.

Check for the proper center of gravity before you install any electric parts. There is a tool called a “dead center locator” that you can either purchase or borrow from a hobby shop. This will make sure that you are weighted and balanced correctly before you go any further in the building of your model.

When it comes to looking at power options, you can mount an on/off switch to the side of your plane. For a few extra bucks, you can also find a switch that has a charging port. The benefit of this is that you can charge your batteries without having to remove batteries or disassemble the plane. It’s the most convenient way to charge your plane.

An electric starter can also be a good thing to get. It will make starting your plane up each time that much easier. A 12 volt battery will also need to accompany the starter. Depending on the plane you buy, there are a few different options to consider. If you’re not sure which one to get, ask a local hobby shop to guide you on your purchase.

Spend the time that’s needed on your plane. If you take too many shortcuts when you’re building the model, it’s going to have problems. Parts may fall off or you may not get the power you were expecting. Read the instruction manuals, run the necessary tests and perform preflight checks before attempting to make it airborne.

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